Stand-Up Teak Lecterns

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Code : NZ-41
Dimensions : 90 X 70 X 120 cm
Material : Solid Teak Wood.
Finishing : Natural Combination Gold (Custom).


Stand-Up Teak Lecterns

This Stand-Up Teak Lecterns will make you well organized for presentations and public speaking meetings. This podium is the ideal choice for conference rooms, meeting rooms, congregations and classrooms. This podium has a high boss that will cover paper and books so that they are not visible. So that make your presentation more confident. Buy this stand-up teak Lecterns. because we have made it as good as possible for your convenience. This product is made from the best quality teak wood by NZ Furniture Indonesia.

Classic Stand-Up Teak Lecterns

The use of a good podium is not complete without using a wooden stand-up teak Lecterns. Podium, or whatever you mean. it is a very good addition to office furniture products that already exist in your office. Well? Do you have a dream complement for office furniture interior you with this other product? We also have it for you.

Why should you use indoor furniture from Indonesia. Well? That’s because he has a beautiful and extraordinary model and a fancy style design, which other factories do not have.

Antique Stand-Up Teak Lecterns

All products that we make use dry wood, the water content reaches below 8%. Our treatment of wood material is an important for killing termites. Each component and part of product is made with high precision. Wood blades join together with wooden pegs, then combined with high quality hardware or brass with good joints. We have good worker with skilled crafted to nice produce durable construction to use.

Stand-Up Teak Lecterns With Custom Design

We have many designs and models of lecterns, we can also make furniture that is tailored to your needs. We will make it well and according to the model you want.

Contact us or send email your request and we can negotiate more details for that.

You are always welcome to contact us at :

Office : Jalan. MH. Thamrin No. 45E, Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia 59411
Factory : Jepara, Central Java – Indonedsia
Contact Person : AGUS FAJAR RUDITO
Mobile : +6285640722711 (Support WhatsApp Chat)
Email : [email protected]


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